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Water Features From Asheboro to Jamestown, we at Creative Landscape and Irrigation are the people to contact for your landscaping needs. Specifically, we can create beautiful and functional water features that will serve as interesting focal points in your property.

Whether you own a business and wishing to make it more attractive to customers, or you’re a homeowner looking to spice up your outdoors, all you need is to call us today. With numerous successful projects to our name, you can look forward to a more relaxing outdoor area courtesy of our stunning water feature creations.

Stunning Water Features We can Create

When it comes to water features, many property owners in North Carolina prefer not just one to be installed in their outdoors. Fortunately, we can build just about any water feature that our clients need, such as:

  • Ponds. From garden ponds to koi ponds and other pond types, we can create the one that best suits your taste. Whether you want just a small pond or you prefer a medium-sized one, our in-house builders can guarantee your satisfaction.

    Water Features If you have a large and barren open space, then we can turn it into a fish pond and make it an interesting spot where you and your family, friends, or next-door neighbors can spend time during weekends catching some fish and then cooking them and dining together for a truly wonderful bonding moment.

  • Waterfalls. Do you want the pondless type to save space, or you want a three-tiered variety for that wow appeal? Regardless of your preference, we promise to bring you a truly extraordinary waterfall that you and your guests will surely find marvelous.

  • Pools. Does an infinity pool tickle your fancy? Or maybe you like an Olympic-sized one better? Whichever pool type is on top of your list, our skilled pool-makers can make your jaw drop in pure wonder with the beauty of our pool creations

Meanwhile, if you have other water features in mind, please feel free to tell us and we’ll be more than happy to build them for you.

Experienced Water Feature Builder

There are several things that separate us from other providers who create water features for residential and commercial property owners. For one, we will not create just ordinary features but unique ones. We value our clients’ unique personalities and we want to highlight their individual tastes with the water feature creations that we handle. With us, you can have a truly personalized water feature that you can proudly call as an extension of yourself.

Water Features We can also combine different water features to make your landscape more stunning, like waterfalls with ponds or streams, or pools with a mini waterfalls nearby. We can likewise create nature-like features for a truly remarkable appeal, such as ponds that are complete with fauna and flora, or waterfalls with ferns and vines.

We have skilled workers and designers who work together to ensure that your design requests are followed exactly. With our partnerships with trusted suppliers, we can guarantee you top quality water features that you will enjoy for several decades. And with our flexible rates, you’re guaranteed to have the water feature that you need without having to stretch your budget.

Call us today and let us build the water features you’ve been dreaming of.

Cities that are served in North Carolina (NC):
  • Asheboro, NC
  • Greensboro, NC
  • High Point, NC
  • Thomasville, NC
  • Randleman, NC
  • Pleasant Garden, NC
  • Forest Oaks, NC
  • Liberty, NC
  • Archdale, NC
  • Jamestown, NC
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