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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Nothing feels good as running barefoot on the grass as you gaze at a lush, beautiful landscape that’s filled with colorful plants and flowers. Such a scenario is everyone’s dream, but like any other dream, it’s something you have to work hard for.

Yes, that picturesque landscape can only be yours if you maintain your area regularly - mow the grass, water the plants, remove dead branches, fertilize flower beds, clean the pavers, clean the pool, apply mulching - whew! Just the thought of all those chores can be tiring, isn’t it? It’s a good thing that we at Creative Landscape and Irrigation can do the job for you, maybe even better.

We Have Turned Our Passion into a Profession

To us, landscape maintenance is not a job - it’s a passion. We simply love to see nature at its finest. That’s why we stop at nothing to bring it to perfection. To do that, we only hire the services of the best workers in North Carolina.

Our team of experts is well-trained and is very experienced in landscape maintenance. Rest assured that we only use superior materials from the most reputable suppliers in the country. Our advanced tools and equipment further ensure safety and efficiency from the time we start working to the time we leave from your property.

Services We Offer

We start all our projects by carefully surveying your site and recommend services depending on the needs of your landscape. Here are some of the landscape maintenance tasks that we can do:

Landscape Maintenance
  • Mowing. We know that different types of grass must be cut according to their variety and the time of year. Grass should be mowed only when it reaches a particular height; otherwise, it will wither and die.
  • Cleaning drainage and irrigation systems. A well-maintained drainage and irrigation system is vital to your landscape’s health. Improperly cleaned systems may lead to either drought or flooding, which can cause plants and grass to die.

  • Paver maintenance. Our landscape maintenance team can bring your pavers to their long, lost glory by removing stubborn dirt and stains that they have acquired through the years. We also repair broken pavers.

  • Plant care. We can take care of your plants, too. Your annuals, perennials, shrubs, and bog plants will bloom like never before, as we know the best way to prune, trim, and fertilize them.

  • Mulching. Mulching is necessary to protect your plants from extreme heat and snow. It also prevents soil erosion and water pollution as well.

  • Shrubs and Trees. Shrubs and trees need to be trimmed and pruned regularly to make them grow faster and healthier.

Reliable Landscape Maintenance Company

Allow us to do your landscape maintenance, and we will turn your dreams into a reality. Yes, that lush, beautiful landscape that you have been hoping for can be yours -- sans your precious time and effort. We’ll do everything so that you can enjoy the finer pleasure of life, like spending time with your family and friends.

Don’t worry if you are not from Asheboro. We also do landscape maintenance in Greensboro, High Point, Thomasville, Randleman, Pleasant Garden, Forest Oaks, Liberty, Archdale, and Jamestown. Call us now and avail of our free assessment.

Cities that are served in North Carolina (NC):
  • Asheboro, NC
  • Greensboro, NC
  • High Point, NC
  • Thomasville, NC
  • Randleman, NC
  • Pleasant Garden, NC
  • Forest Oaks, NC
  • Liberty, NC
  • Archdale, NC
  • Jamestown, NC
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